PHP Machine Learning

By yuseferi, 9 July, 2017
PHP Machine Learning

As you now I have Msc degree of Artifical Intelligence and Bsc in Software engineering, and several years experiences in programming and Development Especially with Python and Php, Particularly PHP is my incoming language, but I always suffering from it because it had limited abilities,limited libraries, Today, when I was in feed reading, I found an interesting article about  Machine Learning library in PHP with an example of how use this library, How to Analyze Tweet Sentiments with PHP Machine Learning



Meet PHP-ML, a library that claims to be a fresh approach to Machine Learning in PHP. The library implements algorithms, neural networks, and tools to do data pre-processing, cross validation, and feature extraction.

I’ll be the first to admit PHP is an unusual choice for machine learning, as the language’s strengths are not that well suited for Machine Learning applications. That said, not every machine learning application needs to process petabytes of data and do massive calculations – for simple applications, we should be able to get away with using PHP and PHP-ML.

The best use case that I can see for this library right now is the implementation of a classifier, be it something like a spam filter or even sentiment analysis. We are going to define a classification problem and build a solution step by step to see how we can use PHP-ML in our projects.

Although PHP-ML library still isn't mature and need a lot of work, it's sounds good that we can use Machine Learning algorithms on our PHP application.

you can find useful information in PHP-ML documentation pages. by the I'm happy to hear this and just to want to share for other PHP developers.