Update Drupal Automatically - new feature

By yuseferi, 30 October, 2016
Automatic Updates Drupal

Auto-update Drupal core and modules always have been a high demand in Drupal. hopefully, in the Amsterdam 2019 DrupalCon , Automatic Updates modules has been introduced.  a great module but in begging on its way. but Automatic updates is a great feature in drupal.

it has been introduced as a contrib module, but it will finally go to the core of Drupal.

as you can see in its page in will developed in two phases.


Phase 1 of the Automatic Updates Initiative

The first phase of the Automatic Updates is separated into two Work Packages, generously sponsored by the European Commission:

Work Package A

  • Providing a JSON feed of PSA's from Drupal.org - Stable as of Alpha 1.
  • Consuming the PSA JSON feed as alerts in the Drupal admin interface - Stable as of Alpha 1.
  • Creating the extensible 'Update readiness check' system and implementing the first readiness checks - Stable as of Alpha 1.

Work Package B

  • Creating the 'quasi-patch' system which will generate the automatic update packages - Experimental as of Alpha 2.
  • Generating the 'quasi-patches' from Drupal.org - Experimental as of Alpha 2.
  • Ensuring the automatic update system can apply the 'quasi-patches' - Experimental as of Alpha 2.
  • Securing the automatic update packages from Drupal.org with a hashing and signing architecture - Experimental as of Alpha 2.


I will update this article with more details.

Addtional link:  https://youtu.be/Apqd4ff0NRI?list=PLpeDXSh4nHjSZET8xL2RyK3_2WeXxyWkY&t=1968